Building Castles in the Sand

Not too long ago, I was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with my daughter. Watching her and the other kids play, it struck me how building something in the sand was much like building an online business.

Working alone takes much time and effort to make something stand out. If you were to take a bucket of sand from one side of the beach and pile it on the other side, how long would it take before anyone noticed the pile or lack of sand at the other end? How long could that pile persist on its own?

Natural processes occurring over millions of years slowly deposited the sand on the beach. Now in one day you may be able to move a respectable amount and get notice from a few. Come back the next day after an overnight storm and your pile has eroded from the wind, rain and gravity acting upon it.

Come back in a month and it could well be completely gone.


Much is the same in the online business world, natural processes and different actions on the parts of others can have the effect of the wind, rain and gravity to erode your pile. Only by finding others with the same mindset and diligently working to build up the pile, can something persistent and worthwhile be accomplished.

I realize I could be stingy and build my own pile. Many will attempt do this and struggle only to give up because they didn't have the right stuff in the right places.

By working with others, not only could we build a huge pile, but by incorporating different ideas and utilizing the many hands at play, we could build a beautiful castle that could persist against anything working against us.

The old paradigms are either dead or dying with not many a breath left. Only by embracing the present and the future TOGETHER will we have the ability to change ourselves, our community and our world. The old guard must be let go; not rely on old skeletal behemoths that aren't able to adapt and move in these changing times.

So I am seeking out other sand castle builders to meet with monthly or every couple of weeks for:

  • strategizing
  • networking
  • workshops and training
  • internal promotion
  • socialize

INCLUSIVE OF ALL BUSINESSES not just the local ones.

Those interested in attending a first meeting can message my page at: Digital Doctor or email me at dijidok (@) gmail (dot) com or call (807) 275 6252!