Daughter Dad Date :)

It's been a little bit since Rya and I have been able to do something fun together. Between work, school, air cadets, sleepovers, pathfinders, streaming, writing, completing repairs and working on websites, there isn't enough time in the day to do everything we want.

After seeing the smile on Rya's face and hearing her laugh, we have to make the time and make this a habit!

There's no amount of anything that is better than a shared experience like that.

Little did I know there was another connection to be made. One from days gone by, memories of my own, some I thought I may have lost as a result of my illness last year.

Those of my own experiences with the musicals I was involved in. There are no vivid images in my mind, only shades of emotion and feeling good about being a part of something larger than myself.

I remember doing lights one year and being a stagehand for two other shows. Vague memories linger of John Dutton conducting, the old stage, the heavy velvet curtains.

Cue the music and lights!

Mary Poppins - A Fort Frances High School Musical Production

Hearing these young ladies and gentlemen perform, singing and acting their hearts out. Conjuring faded memories of days long gone by, while witnessing their stunning performance, was an emotional level above anything I've witnessed for a while now.

Everything was absolutely perfect. Every role, every member of the cast and crew played an integral part in making this the experience it was!

The first thing that stood out to me, the sets were all artfully crafted, fully detailed and conveyed perfectly the setting of each scene. This gave the show a masterful anchor on which to hang a gorgeous picture that was the entire musical.

For all the young ladies and gents that worked on those pieces, along with the stagehands, without their smooth, quick changes, would not have been able to make this show what it was.

The costumes were second to none and conveyed the period the piece was written for. Every detail helped to transport the audience into this other dimension, to make each character stand out on their own and capture our imaginations! Well done!

Always important in setting the tone and to help fill set changes was the band, sound and lights. Pulling off an entire shows worth of music, in tune, in time, while not drowning out the actors is a balancing act of epic proportions. Not only could I tell much practice was carried out, many rehearsals must have been required to get everything to be as perfect as I witnessed. Being musical myself and helping to record my father's songs, I have a bit of an ear for these types of things and I come away impressed.


Each and every actor and actress, performed flawlessly, at least to our eyes in the audience. Every line delivered and executed perfectly, each note nailed, every joke funny and every move, flawless!

Each and every one of you young ladies and gents, that chose to be a part of this production, should be very proud of all that you accomplished! I hope that you continue being a part of these awesome experiences going forward, some I hope pursue a career in acting. We need the arts to remind us of our humanity and as human beings we all love being entertained. It's a profession that will always be necessary and one that is safe from robots taking over!

Congratulations on a stunning success of a show!

Well done, EVERYONE!

If you have not seen this show yet, tonight and tomorrow night is all that's left! Tickets can be purchased at Northwoods or at the door if not sold out!!