Gamer PCs Set to Explode!

With the release of AMD's New Ryzen series of processors and now intel dropping the new sky lake (quad core i7-7740X) and the brand spanking new kaby lake (10 core i9-7900X), nerds everywhere just got a full on robot chubby.

ALRIGHT, so maybe it was just me :p

The release roadmap this year was a bull year for processors. Who exactly are these new chips geared to though and what will they do for you might be something you would want to know. Maybe you want to buy something for xmas but you have no clue what to get?

Sux 2 b u.

Bwahahaha, just kidding, I'll share!

  • Cores: think of these as separate cpu's that can process code independently of each other.

  • Hyperthreading (HT): for each core that is physically present, the operating system can address 2 logical (virtual) cores (if the chip supports HT) and share the workload between them if possible. This maximizes the efficient processing of code over a processor without HT.

NOTE: Some people mistakenly think that more cores = better performance. This isn't always true as right now there are Intel core i3's that are outperforming older AMD 8 cores in gaming and day to day usage.

But we're not here to talk about old shite or to compare apples to oranges. Nor are we here to talk specs or anything most of you won't understand.

Budget Systems

Here basically we are looking at the Intel core i3 and the Ryzen 3. The most bang for the buck will come from Ryzen 3 here. For $110 you get 4 cores/threads, an unlocked multiplier for overclocking and a decent looking cooler! The added bonus here is that ALL Ryzen chips ARE VR ready, which will help future proof your system.

These are entry level systems, while you will still be able to do most things, turning the graphics up over 9000 will not happen here and the system will not be as responsive as many people expect. While not quite playing on potato, it will be fairly close, compared to the extreme build at the end of the article ;) Good for surfing, email, watching netflix and some low quality game play.

If you don't think the Ryzen 3 1200x has enough horsepower, the 1300x is only $20 more!

Digital Dr Budget Build $967*

Mainstream Systems

Here we have the Intel core i5 going up against the Ryzen 5 processor. While the core i5 has the lions share of the market here (deployed longer), again the Ryzen processor is the clear winner hands down. Most i5's in this price range don't have hyperthreading (only 1 thread per core), where as the Ryzen 1500X ($189) does (4 cores/8 threads).

At the higher end of this bracket at $249, the Ryzen 5 1600X (6 cores/12 threads) is the undisputed champion as Intel has nothing to offer in this price range that even touches AMDs offering.

Again will play almost anything but not on full graphics, better performance than budget. Will do most things you ask of it well!

Digital Dr Mainstream Build $1093*

High-End Systems

The field of battle here is defined by AMD's Ryzen 7 1800X and Intel's Core i7-7820X. While both CPU's offer 8 cores and 16 threads, the most bang for buck will fall to AMD at $499 compared to the Intel part coming in at $599.

The smart money is on AMD, while in terms of raw performance Intel edges out the competition, just. So is that tiny little bit of extra power worth it?

That's something only you can answer.

These would be the base for the most solid of gaming rigs, if you care about performance and graphics, this is where to start looking!

Digital Dr High-End Build $1730*

Extreme Systems

In this category, we aren't asking, "how fast do you want your computer to be", so much as, "how fast do you want to spend your money!"

Either way you go here, it's going to set you back at least $1k for the Ryzen Threadripper, +$30 on top of that for the Intel Core i9.

Which is better though? It's really hard to tell at the moment, the Intel chip has more raw power according to benchmarks but AMD's offering has faster multi-core performance with more options for overclocking. So again, really it comes down to exactly what software you are running and what features the software takes advantage of. For straight up gaming, Intel would be the way to go. If you stream, render vids while working or multitask in any other way, you will likely want the AMD chip.

These systems are for those of us who use and demand the power this build can provide, high end graphics/video workstations, streaming and playing at 4k and perfect VR quality!

Extreme Build $3880*

*system build prices don't include monitor, operating system, keyboard, DVD-ROM drive, tax or shipping - assembly IS required and my price for assembly and cable routing is $200.

NOTE: R570 and 580 graphics cards are hard to find right now as crypto currency miners have bought them all up. Can be replaced by a 1060 GTX to a 1080TI if there's no availability. Make sure you ORDER NOW, so your system is here and assembled by xmas!