How To Stop Being A Bad! (Eve Online Alphas)

From: Rob Swanson
To: All new alphas!

Welcome to EVE Online!

This is a guide for new players who have limited knowledge of how to play EVE. Steps one through five should explain what you're generally expected to do as a new player. After that, there are some general bits of advice (A through H). Those are meant to help you understand what's going on in game and give you some guidance on a few common issues.

For those wondering what this game is all about, check out this video: This is Eve - WARNING: LANGUAGE.

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After signing up through here, if you ever make it into an Omega clone, CCP will give me stuff, which I will share with you!!

WoW holds your hand and gives a cookie if you win or lose. Eve Online takes your cookie and laughs at you for thinking you had one.

Step 1:

That tutorial that showed up when you started the game, you remember that? Yeah, you really want to do that. The controls in EVE are just weird enough that you'll want the tutorial to tell you how to do things. This tutorial will teach you the controls of EVE.

Step 2:

The career agents, you want to talk to these people. If you have some difficulty finding them, there's an easy way to find them. Click that "E" button in the top-left corner. That should open up a drop-down menu. One of the buttons should be marked "Help". Click that button. That will open up a new window. One of the buttons on that window should be marked "Show Career Agents". Click that button. Things should be self-explanatory from there. You want to work with these Career Agents. The missions they give you reward you with free ships.

Step 3:

The Epic Arc is where you want to go next. Now that you understand the controls and have some ships, it's time to get some money.

Fly to Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau and talk to a NPC agent named Sister Alitura. She will start you on a 50 mission quest line. That quest line is designed to be the proper difficulty for new players. You want to do this quest line because it gives you a lot of isk.

Step 4:

Okay, so if you've done steps one, two, and three you should now have a understanding of the controls, a number of ships, and a wallet full of money. Now what? Well, now you think back to those career agents you talked to in step two.

Ask yourself which one you had the most fun with. Now that you have money and ships you should go pursue that kind of activity. Ask your fellow corp members where they find the kind of content you enjoy.

Step 5:

Pick a mid-term or a long-term goal. Once you get past step three, you have properly entered the sandbox that is EVE. This game is open-ended, you will need to set goals for yourself. This could mean that you decide you want to fly a specific ship. It could mean that you want to become particularly wealthy. It could mean that you want to get good at pvp. Honestly, it's up to you to figure out which direction you want to go in.

So, aside from taking your first steps in the game, there are some often-cited kernels of wisdom that may be helpful to a new player. So, in no particular order, here's some advice.

A) Don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

Your ship is going to die. You are never safe, ever. Even in high security space you aren't perfectly safe. If you think you're safe in high security space, go google "Suicide Gankers EVE Online".

It's a harsh universe, but you get used to it after a few weeks. Always insure your ship for the max you can afford. If you can't afford insurance, don't fly the ship. Don't undock unless you have the funds to replace your ship.

B) Don't trust anyone.

I should remind everyone that there are shockingly few ways to get banned in EVE.


  • Ganking
  • Scamming
  • Griefing

Not Allowed:

  • Exploits
  • Harassing new players in starter systems
  • Porn in public chans
  • Real Money Transactions

More than 90% of the bans people get in this game are for those reasons. So, to reiterate, NOBODY IS TO BE TRUSTED.

C) Your loadouts should all be consistent, for weapons and the ship's tank.

When you fit a ship, don't try and have some close range weapons, some mid range weapons, and some long range weapons. That never works out the way you think it's going to. When you fit weapons to your ship, you want them to be exactly the same.

Same needs to be said for your tank, please don't mix tanks, this is very inefficient and will eventually lead the rapid unplanned disassembly of your ship. Pick one type, active or buffer. Then decide if that will be with shields, armour or hull.

D) Your corp mates and Google are your new best friends. Note B again.

For the love of all that is holy, this game is complicated. Ask questions frequently. You want to know things. People have answers. Can't know unless you ask.

E) When fitting ships, make sure you use all of your slots.

This may seem like common sense, but I see a lot of people leaving some empty. If you do, then your ship is missing abilities that will make it better. Literally anything is better than nothing.

F) Different ships are good at different things.

Each ship carries a different set of bonuses for different activities. If you want to know what a certain ship is good at, right click it and select "Show info". This should bring up a new window. On that window, select the "Traits" tab, and take a quick read. The bonuses will give you a good idea of what a ship is meant to be used for.

G) Bigger is not better.

Say it with me, "Ship size has absolutely nothing to do with quality". Frigates are designed to do certain things better than battleships. Battleships are designed to do certain things better than frigates. Destroyers are designed to do certain things better than cruisers. Cruisers do certain things better than destroyers. Size means nothing.

H) Don't get discouraged.

This game is going to knock you down a few times. Learn from your failures and you'll be fine.

o7 and fly safe!

PS: if you have some tips to add for new players please comment below and we'll make sure we update this document! We welcome cheeky quotes from our fellow capsuleers as well!

Your ship is the ammo, you are the gun. Sometimes the serial numbers get scraped off.