If It's in Stock, We Have It!!

I'm not sure if I want to laugh maniacally or head desk the oak in the back yard into toothpicks.

"The mill uncertainty must end: mayor."

Is that like saying food is an important part of a balanced diet?

The above quote is a similar meme to one we've heard before ...

More recently:

I know that everyone in Fort Frances is wondering about the status of the mill.

The uncertainty that the community feels is felt here by all of the employees and also the town council and myself, the mayor.

Why the f#^k are you uncertain?!? Isn't that what we voted you in for? You promised to do something.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

Nope not a thought about it at all, from our perspective, save the initial flurry of activity. Until, someone said something, somewhere you couldn't ignore.

In the bad old days, one could jump up on stage, say their piece and never have to worry about what anyone thinks. Except the getting past the stage owner ...


It only took a few questions, in some small online blog, just over 2 weeks ago to have fully half the population of Fort Frances AND over 10000 elsewhere in Canada and the US, starting to engage in a public conversation online. One that got some attention and a call from the local radio station, one councilor (Wendy B) and many members of the community. Such is the reach of just a small portion of the interwebs.

CBC is looking at this, but I think also into the other stories of the same thing happening around the province, Nortel sites and others. We're not the first site looking for answers.

This conversation has now spilled into the background because people want privacy and anonymity, but it is one that is continuing and is expanding. I sense that many more are holding back because they don't want to offend the neighbors.

I say: offended people can take their offence and piss off.

Last time I checked, you do not have a right to be not offended.

Change the channel.

It's never wrong to seek the truth, to try to understand all the nuances, to ask questions. Especially from the people we've empowered to serve us.

So long as you seek and speak truth, there is nothing to fear. Light will always exfoliate darkness.

While talking to people and gathering what was shaking out and saving many computers in the meantime, gave the Town time to "just now learn" that it owned the signs on the lap building and could do something about "the wall". You know before another brick falls out.

I apologize, Fort Frances, I underestimated you. I'll be honest, I'd lost faith in you. I want to be proud, but the state it's in, it can't just be bandaged over anymore.

Fact is, there's only a few people and entities I have lost faith in.

You know the ones that think the same knowledge can be regurgitated to you, in a non conversational circle jerk.

The stated the facts, as we all pretty much know them, haven't changed. The paper could have saved all that space, to be honest.

I wouldn't want to ruin the narrative that someone came up with this all by themselves though, based on something read on social media. Whatever, it has so far served the purpose it was meant for.

I get it though, we're gearing up for another election ;)

Were any of the questions we asked answered? Or were you left actually asking more questions?!?

Platitudes and zero substance won't work. If the words do not reflect reality we see, the point must be raised and no one's getting a free ride anymore.

Randy Thoms from 93.1 the Border, wasn't afraid to legitimize or validate OUR questions. They ARE all questions we've been asking for a long time. Albeit quietly, until now.

Hundreds of people telling you the same thing, lends to its legitimacy. Doesn't mean it's right or truth, I'm skeptical of my own existence after all and only interested in the truth of reality ;)

Without questioning things in an honest way, we are prevented from learning all that we need to grow beyond where we are now and to expand into the future.

Facts are fine, but without the questions, facts are lifeless. They are a framework on which to hang a narrative. By themselves they are not the story of truth.

I want to believe what I'm being told, that everything that has been thought of so far has been tried. Maybe I'm too cynical and jaded, my faith in humanity eroded.

I just want to leave you all with the two final quotes from the one recent article and a few more points to consider.

Then, please ruminate long and hard about the direction we're being led in and why it's a bad idea to let the blind behind the wheel of a fully loaded bus to drive on the interstate.

We're witnessing it in the circus that is now the US of A.

"It is a challenge but you know that we will do everything we can to create a successful economic future for our community."

Define "our community", the economic future of it and your place in it. If you can't answer this, maybe you should not be in office. Our next go round, the candidates should be able to tell us this in detail AND what contingencies are built in for when "shit happens".

"Whether the future is with a new tenant in the mill or a re-envisioned Fort Frances, with new properties and opportunities that will result in the end of the paper mill era and the beginning of the mining era."

Wait! What re-envisioned?!? Didn't we just spend a whackload on "re-branding" already?!? Put all our eggs in another basket again?

Oh please please please can we do this?!? /s

Any financial planners want to chime in about how diversifying investments/income streams is wise?!?

Anyone have a vision that isn't this myopic?!?

IMO: What we have right now is what happens when you get gifted something instead of really having to sweat and toil to build it.

We as a community need to accept some level of blame too. We've been a silent partner the whole time, allowing everything to happen. It didn't happen overnight. The longer it stays like it is, the worse the mess will be.

Where's my Jameson's. /rant off

Please comment below, I want to know what your heartfelt opinions are!