The blooms of yellow tulips, marks the birth for me of another year. When the warm days chase the cold and harsh, out of the building.

It's a time of putting away the snowblower and the shovels, the winter boots and jackets. It's a time of renewal, fresh blossoms, budding trees and birds singing their hearts out!

It also brings with it a day in which we celebrate and appreciate the lives of our moms.

So many moms are not with us anymore and this day will bring with it some sadness and pain from missing them, I wish there were a way that pain could be taken away. You will remember other parts of the past that will fill you with a profound love and warmth, these I wish could be amplified.

Then there are those who, weren't mothers to their own children, but mothers to all of us.

This time of year, I can't help but think of my good friend Susan Livingston (good friend to many), how many lives she's touched, how many she helped heal through her laughter and antics. How she took something negative and turned it into such positives for those who's lives she touched.

Rest easy my friend.

How do I tell my mom how much everything she does is appreciated, even when I don't seem appreciative of it at the time.

How do I tell her that I thank her for the sacrifices I see her make and for all of the ones that I don't?

How in her own way, she taught me strength, compassion, caring and kindness. At times when I feel none of these and feel like the world is kicking my ass again, she stands strong and let's me know she's there.

Words seem small in comparison to all you've done, there's no way I could count all the ways you've enriched and bettered my life, just by being you. Even though I know I don't say it enough;

Thank you Mom :) Love you!

Happy Mothers day to you!

A very special mothers day to my Aunt, much love, hugs and healing are being beamed at you by all of us.

And to all the wonderful moms and not moms that fill that role! (Some dads and Susans are moms too ;) Feel free to leave your tribute and testimony to your mom in the comments below and check the share to Facebook to let her know!