I don't consider myself an expert in much, even in computers. I've just worked with them for a long time.

I openly admit there is much I don't know.

Everyday, for a long time now, I try to learn 2 new things.

I still don't have all of the answers. I know I won't in my lifetime, that's just a part of life.

Doesn't stop me from being hungry and seeking the truth.

I'm merely trying to understand and put into perspective everything that I've experienced thus far. To learn from that and pass it on so that others don't have to make my mistakes. Possibly allow them to gain some insight into what's going on in their own lives. To listen to other perspectives and change my own that are incorrect.

I've spent a whole lifetime of dealing with many different experiences, some good, some bad, some meh. I would not change anything, because I'd not be who I am now. I would have liked to have learned some things much earlier in life, so that I could have avoided causing the turmoil that I have, in many situations.

That's not how life works though, is it.

The last 9 years I've been trying to understand my own core biases and issues, to change them and heal from past pain. To correct the injustices and hurt that I've caused. To make sure that it never happens again from bumbling around in the fog and the dark or allowing another to hurt anyone I love because of my ignorance and inaction.

I'm thankful that I've found a place where I can continue that process and learn more from the many wonderful people the world is filled with. Even those who are just waking up to their own unjust situation and angry or have a differing opinion from mine, can inform and teach me in a way that isolating myself can't.

I've learned a tremendous amount about myself, about society, about how many different ideas are perceived by the wider world. I don't pretend that I'm any closer to any truth.

It's staggering the amount of ignorance and misunderstanding we have in the world. How people will shut you out because you have issues or don't believe the same things. It's sad. Really fucking sad because, really, we're not all that different.

Maybe they don't see a subject or topic as a problem, because they've never experienced it themselves, have their own problems worse than yours or they are too shallow to care to look beyond themselves.

The world is full of all types of ideas, good, bad and indifferent. The trick is to spot the bad early and not keep them at the end of a 10' pole, like so many of us do. Engage and inform them so the bad ideas can be eliminated.

The problem is, no one seems to have the answers or to have a firm foundation to start from. Much of the world from my perspective seems to randomly throw the spaghetti on the fridge and see what sticks, or to cling to old values that are provably extinct given the information age. Even professionals disagree on what the truth is, what's fair and whether or not changes in a given set of circumstances, can be made for the betterment of all.

While I don't think I'm an expert, I do think that every idea has value, good, bad or indifferent. I'm full of those and hopefully not much bullshit. I value opinions from others, because their experience is different than mine. Many times a perspective shift is what's necessary for a breakthrough.

If it gets us all closer to understanding and empathy, I want that!

So this is a place to discuss these ideas, eliminate the bad ones and come to an informed consensus. No idea is beneath discussion and in order to grow and prosper as a society, we need to have these discussions to better our lives and more importantly, give our children a future with a firm foundation of understanding and values.

As for who posts what to the blog, I welcome all perspectives. Many will not be my own, nor by allowing them to be published am I required to agree. By bringing these issues into the open and engaging in discussion is the only way we can inform consensus and eliminate ignorance.

If you have different opinions, please by all means, comment on posts, message me, use the contact us form. I don't want an echo chamber here. Nothing will ever change by hearing our own voices in isolation of others.