Resolute Site Update

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for helping spread the word and for the dialog the previous post has opened up.

It's shone light on a few things that I was ignorant to or didn't even think about. I do love learning and I'm open to having my mind changed and to be informed when I'm being dumb.

Remember if you have info, something you'd like me to look into or a direction for answers, hit that contact us button on this site, message me through Fakebook or email me: dijidok (at) gmail (dot) com

Was expecting yesterday to set up a time to talk to the site manager here, for Resolute. I know he might have been busy with an issue that came up. Hoping we can still connect and get some answers from their end.

As for anything else that has been revealed to me, I want to hold off, until I can have the facts independently verified by other sources.

I will say that, as far as I can discern and in my opinion, the various bodies within the Town have tried everything they know, to resolve this. There seems to be little, if no communication, to the Town for a good deal of time, by Resolute or anyone Provincially.

They are off the hook, so far, on this one. There are still issues and concerns that will be addressed in future posts.

There have been many offers on the property, but thus far, Resolute has refused all comers to the table. There are some rumors surrounding this but until I can get some facts, there's no point in engaging in speculation or spreading what could amount to fake news, propaganda or tongue wagging.

I can keep pushing for answers to the questions we have though:

  • Why the silent treatment from Resolute? Or the province?
  • Is this the system at its most efficient and fair?

Until we can get Resolute and the Province off the crapper, there's not much point in discussing anything else.

I'm sorry that at the moment I don't have more than this to report back, be assured that once I have some answers, I will be writing about it.