We all have to be aware of scammers, scumbags and douche-canoes

These lowlifes make me want to vomit.

Technology has made tremendous advances. In many ways making our lives that much easier, and better. The downside of all this advancing tech is that more and more it is being used against those who don't keep up or who don't care to.

Email phishing has been a thing from the beginning. Now with mobile it can make it as simple as a couple of wrong clicks and you've just sold your soul to the devil and released your personal information to who knows over in India or Pakistan, or wherever else these tossers hail from.

Emails that you receive, from a company (bank or otherwise) that you didn't request should always be ignored and deleted.

No don't click, just to see, that's what they want.

In many cases these days it's just a scam to get you to click so they can install cryptolocker and extort you for money.

Cryptolocker will encrypt all of your documents, pictures, video and other media, completely in the background (you won't be able to tell) and when it's done, popup a screen demanding a bitcoin or roughly $700, usually more than the computer is worth. There is no way of recovering anything at this point unless you pay, which can bring it's own challenges and in the end there's no guarantee you will get the key back to recover your files.

Remember to always back your important files up to a stick or external drive and then store that device AWAY from the location where the computer is at. For example, one backup stick is hidden on my property, not in the house and the other is at my dads.

Email isn't the only area where you have to pay attention nowadays. Phone scams are a big thing now. This is where you get phone calls from "microsoft tech support", "google" or the Canada Revenue Agency. These callers will then attempt to convince you that you somehow need their help with viruses/malware, placing a business on google maps (yes I get this one all the time, they target businesses too) or in the last case, convince you that you owe the Canadian Gov money.

None of this is true.

Think about how big Microsoft is, how many computers windows is installed upon. Do you think they have the resources to monitor each and every computer 24/7? The sheer amount of infrastructure and employees this would take would be staggering. Trust me they aren't interested in what malware you have installed.

Screwing with people's heads around banking or taxes is in my opinion the lowest of the low. They catch many of our elders off guard and they fall victim. People who have paid their dues and should not have to have a care or worry in the world.

Sadly the only way to protect your information and systems, is to learn what you need to do to protect yourself. There isn't some magic box that keeps everything scary out, and the thieves know it and are using this to their advantage.

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