The Calm Cat - An SEO Case Study

Back in the fall of 2015, I received a message from a good friend on The Book of Face.

She had taken the plunge and took her Calgary based cat grooming business from part time to full time! She relayed that she had built a website and social media but it wasn't having the impact on traffic that she wanted. She needed SEO and knew that! Being tech savvy wasn't helping her here as she didn't know where to start. Thus her message and question to me, "can you help?"

After a bit, we eventually synced our schedules and got down to business. We connected via phone and got her set up with remote software so I could more easily help by taking control of her computer and doing everything as her. This may scare some off, but it's much easier AND more secure as the connection is encrypted end to end. No passing of passwords through the ether unprotected.

The bonus is it's that much faster. Doing solely phone support is much of the time a head meets desk scenario as my brain and knowledge is being run through at a much faster pace than we could have accomplished had I just talked on the phone and instructed her on what to do.

We spent the better part of 2 hours (I did much market research prior) coming up with an SEO plan and step by step implementing it into her website and social media accounts.

Now one thing you must keep in mind with SEO: it IS NOT a quick fix or an instant jump in your pagerank. Also like a website, it's an investment in securing your businesses future!

I'll let her pick up the story and relay the rest! From The Calm Cat's Facebook post:

I want to give a shout-out to Digital Dr!

I ran The Calm Cat part-time for years, and finally in the summer of 2015, I decided to take the plunge and commit to my business full time! It was scary, but exciting!

I got my website and social media all set up, did some advertising, and it was pretty good! I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting the amount of traffic to my website that I would like though, and if I searched on Google, my website barely showed up! I was usually on about page five, which is not very good at all, especially when I was trying to build a business!

I consider myself to be fairly computer/tech savvy, but when it came to Search Engine Optimization, I had no idea where to start! It was all very confusing and it didn’t make sense to me at all.

Luckily Ken came to my rescue! Although we live halfway across the country from each other, it was easy to work together. We chatted a little online, and then on the phone. Ken was wonderful! He explained what SEO is, and how it can work for me. He taught me how it works, and how I can use different platforms to my advantage. He gave me a number of things to do on my end, and helped me with them to make sure that I understood, and that I had done them right. Best of all, he was patient and he didn’t talk down to me!

He truly cares, he wanted to be sure that I understood, and he didn’t want to make me feel stupid. He is an excellent teacher, and he definitely knows his trade very well!

It didn’t take long before I started to see my website showing up higher and higher on searches. Within three weeks, I was listed on the first page of Google, and by six weeks, I was the second business listing! Once that happened, business really started picking up – so much that I canceled most of my other advertising, because I couldn’t keep up with the demand! My business is thriving, and I owe so much of that to Digital Dr! Thank you Ken!

Tamara Wrigley

The Calm Cat

So within 3 weeks she had gone from page 5-6 on Google to breaking onto the FIRST PAGE of Google! Within 6 weeks she was the second business listed and either the second or third position, depending on sunspot position and frequency (the vagaries of the pagerank algorithm which is a closely held secret by Google, I just might have some insight on how it works though ;)

I was thoroughly impressed by how fast The Calm Cat's website ranked up considering how saturated the market was. A testament to how Digital Dr's use of SEO best practices and a methodical approach to SEO can make your website pop out on top of Google!

SEO is sooooo important to a business with a web presence (a must have in it's own right, but a topic for another post). This is how you position your business as the solution to the problem that someone is searching the internet for.

This is the easiest AND most effective way to get your business in front of new clients!

So if you need SEO, websites, blogs, social media setup/management, tech support, malware and spyware removal or just a tech question, the Doctor is in! Facebook Twitter Pinterest