Welcome! I R Geeked Out!

Well finally after spending all day messing around in my droplet and making some puddles, got down to business and installed ghost standalone blog engine and got it all up and running on a Digital Ocean server!

Still have a few things to do, favicon, enable GZIP compression and properly configure the Cache-Control and Expires headers. So far it's looking like I may have to hand bomb all these tweaks in though. Copy/paste doesn't seem to be working in a browser console.

My inner geek is going absolutely ape-shit, bonkers. Been awhile since I played around with all this server stuff! Glad I remembered some of it!

Anyway, wanted to welcome you all to Memdump.exe

It's going to be a bumpy but fun ride while I figure all of this out. There will be one more post coming shortly as I copy the Facebook Notes posts I did there over here. I will be adding a commenting system, just trying to figure out what exactly.

Over the weekend I will fill out the schedule of posts, set most of my titles and tags ;) More on that in that next post coming shortly as we cover the foundational steps of setting up your own blog!