What can Digital Dr do for me?

Computers are tools meant to ease the strain of and enrich our living. Far too often the opposite is true:

  • They break, malware, spyware, viruses, worms, trojans and drive-by downloads, oh my!

  • Poor design or lack of understanding hampers what should be simple tasks, keeping you from doing all that you may want!

Digital Dr wants to change that by embracing only the proven technologies that are inclusive, cost effective and easily adaptable to someone with limited time, patience or understanding.

This includes fixing your computer. I want to make it as painless as possible for anyone to own and use their computer for everything they would like to!

Additionally nothing is greater than watching someone with great passion and energy, take those, some creativity and transform it before our eyes into something amazing.

Given the right set of tools I believe that anyone can achieve whatever it is they set their mind out to do. Digital Dr wants to understand your needs, so you can be provided with the right technical expertise, tools and knowledge to address them!

This is the only magic I believe in, that which exists in the human mind and in human interactions. It’s a pretty amazing to be able to contribute and share ideas amongst others who are interested in the same things and create something bigger and better than any alone.

Kenneth “Digital Dr” Hawrylak

I have, in my time, at one company, rolled out 4500 computer systems. Installing OS and packages of applications on 30 systems at a time.

I've designed, installed, and started up process control software and operator station screens; these were based upon engineering drawings and plant staff input to run: a package boiler, 5 pulp grinders, paper machine stock proportioning system and many other industrial projects.

As a consequence of my varied work history, I've worked on and with well over 5000 pieces of software in a commercial or industrial setting. I know and use a number of different operating systems for various aspects of my work. Most of them are running in my VM on my Windows box (computer).

For the most part, I'm self taught, picking up whatever I need to get the job done. What I don't know, I learn ... very rapidly!

With me on your side, you get the very best of many worlds. Having worked in so many areas of Information Technology has given me a better understanding and direction of where to begin addressing whatever issue it is you have, at a deeper level than many out there in the world.

I'm the djinni in the bottle, your pocket geek, here to grant your wishes. So long as the bacon keeps coming ;)

Tech Support

Computers hum along and work, until they don't. Then trying to troubleshoot the problem usually leads to many head meets desk scenarios. Save yourself the headache and forehead slivers and get professional service from Digital Dr. Whether it's just a question, or you need help with an issue, Digital Dr is just a phone call away! (807) 275 6252

For more serious problems, provided you still have an internet connection, I can connect via remote software to quickly troubleshoot and solve your problem.

Clients from all over the world have received remote help and are 100% satisfied with working with Digital Dr in this way. Most think it's absolutely amazing that I can control their computer and fix problems from 1000's of miles away.

I treat all your information as private and confidential, beyond even what is strictly legally necessary. Nested encryptions, VPNs, encrypted remote software, virtualized sessions and set Standard Operating Procedures ensure that there is a system protecting you and your information at all times. Once per quarter this process undergoes review and change if necessary.

Computer Troubleshooting and Repair

From tune-ups to major overhauls, Digital Dr has you covered. Repairs are started on the same day of drop off, our zero wait state guarantee.

With over 35 yrs in the industry, from home support to commercial and industrial sites, there isn't much I haven't yet seen. Computer problems are quickly assessed and appropriate fixes are implemented or suggested. Our flat pricing for home users on both hardware and software fixes allows you to know exactly how much it will cost for any repair, excluding parts.

Web Design and Development

Professional designs and features that look like they should cost 1000's. Starts at $750.

Samples of whatever project I happen to be working on can be viewed at my personal pagecloud site.

No links or other bells and whistles on this one yet, but what's there right now, only took 15 minutes! Could I do the entire site in a day? Probably!

Not positive you need a website, SEO or social media? You do, read this.

Using a number of powerful graphic design, web developer tools and Standard Operating Procedures, I am able to quickly design and develop full featured, professional, gorgeous websites.

Using advanced SEO, Search Engine Optimization and SEM, Search Engine Marketing techniques, I will place your website ahead of the competition as the solution to whatever problem you solve for your clients. SEO Case Study.

From initial consult to the finished product, you are involved every step of the way. This ensures that your website is as close to your vision for it as it can be, while being functional and relaying whatever information to the user that is required or moving them along in the buying process!

Lastly, as a part of web development, we can set up and brand your blog and social media accounts to match your website. This gives your digital landscape cohesion and familiarity.

After it is all done you can take it over and edit it any which way you want, or if you're too busy, I can do that for you!

Custom Networking and System Solutions

Wired or Wireless network installation and configuration.

We source only the top industry parts that go into our custom built computer systems. Doesn't matter your budget, we can build a system that meets your needs!

We also have access to many different branded platforms for sale. Both desktop and laptop systems.

Managed Services Provider

Maybe you or your business needs a more custom support solution than anything mentioned above. I would be happy to consult with you and see what kind of solution you require to meet your IT or online needs!

IT and Business Consultant

I can meet with and discuss any aspects of IT; networks, firewalls, servers, enterprise security, internal and external infrastructure and training, to name a few.

So whether you just need a system tune-up, have a major infection or malfunction, need a digital landscape created, social media managed or any other IT questions or help, you only ever need to call Kenneth J Hawrylak, the Digital Dr!